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With Alpha, speed-to-insight becomes your competitive advantage.

Fast insights create a continuous connection to your target markets. Make decisions based on feedback from current and future customers.

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Alpha Platform Features

Empower your teams with the the fastest way to learn about future customers. The Alpha on-demand insights platform includes:

Audience Sourcing

Conduct advanced targeting of a marketplace of 100 million B2B and B2C users worldwide.

Experimentation Engine

Alpha transforms your questions into a format designed to elicit actionable insights.

Design Support

Tap into our designer network to turn concepts into mockups and interactive prototypes.


Surface actionable insights via interactive charts, open-ended responses, and recorded user sessions.

See how Alpha can enable your organization to be
customer-centric at lightspeed.

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Seamless onboarding

Alpha’s Customer Success team ensures our clients have access to guidance and best practices as they ramp up a lightspeed testing strategy. Alpha's platform is accessible and compliant for teams in regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, insurance, and media.

Templates and workflows

Iterate rapidly to speed through the development process. Alpha offers templates designed to address key decision points so you can identify gaps in the market, prioritize high-impact opportunities, and optimize experiences.

Reporting and accountability

Share experiment results with decision-makers and keep stakeholders updated on key milestones. Objective test results lead to informed decisions and improved outcomes.

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See how Alpha can enable your organization to be
customer-centric at lightspeed.

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