Forbes: How Alpha helps the Fortune 100 innovate at the speed of startups


The world is moving fast. So move faster.

Combine an intelligent software platform with a proven methodology, both engineered with enterprise in mind.

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On-demand insights.

Go from plain-English questions to actionable insights within days using one simple platform.

Intuitive Interface

Global Audience

Interactive Prototypes

Intelligent Research

Expert Analysis

Select and configure from easy-to-use test types and quickly submit key questions about products and users.

Reach any audience through targeted recruitment or our panel of 90+ million people.

Leverage qualified designers to transform ideas and sketches into test-ready mockups and prototypes.

Explore conveniently summarized insights or dig deeper into recorded interviews, survey responses, and engagement.

Connect with a dedicated product specialist to ensure that research meets both strategic and timely requirements.

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Insights Dashboard

Imagine being just moments away from having qualitative and quantitative data at your fingertips at any time. For a new product idea. For measuring the impact of potential features. For evaluating designs head-to-head. For literally anything. How would that change the way your team works?

Workspace & Collaboration

Start with a blank canvas but don’t expect it to stay that way for long. Give team members control to generate data. Enable them to explore insights from across the organization. Or give them access to a bird’s eye view. Per department, per project, per role, per whatever you want.

The entire product lifecycle

Iterate rapidly by relying on intelligent experiment templates and a dedicated product specialist. Identify gaps in the market. Prioritize high-level opportunities. Get granular with usability tests. Before, during, and after you launch. But just for as long as you want to delight customers.

Sleek reporting tools

Champion key product decisions by delivering stunning and convincing presentations. You can finally speak for the customer once you know what they’ve said.

Learn how to build better products.

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Insights From Running 2,000 Experiments

We enabled industry leaders to run thousands of experiments, and we learned a lot in the process.

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See how Alpha can enable your organization to be customer-centric at lightspeed.

Or run a free experiment