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Alpha enables to cut discovery time in half

"To me, the big Alpha benefit is truly the speed at which I can get answers in a reliable and accurate way. It’s changed the way I work as a product manager. As a product manager, you have to sell your story and offer founding evidence. In the past, that evidence can sometimes be just your opinion and how well you can pitch that opinion.

But with Alpha I’ve been able to truly have a foundation of understanding for my customers, and I can speak more honestly to what my customers need rather than my own personal bias."

– Ken Holladay, Senior Product Manager,


Alpha powers LendingTree's 
data-driven product decisions at scale

“We’re at a point where we have the brand strength and credibility to really invest in and build a relationship with our customers,” says Charles Battle, Senior Director of Product Management at LendingTree. According to Battle, Alpha enables LendingTree to make smarter product decisions 8x more cost-effectively than before.


"We'd be lost without Alpha. It pushes us to think harder about what consumers really want and why."

Julie MacKinnon,

Director of Strategy at AARP

"Conducting customer discovery at scale is a huge challenge. Alpha's platform is the most robust and versatile solution I've ever seen."

Bob Dorf,

Best-Selling Innovation Author

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