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What is the future of product management?

Nis Frome

Product management has only been in the spotlight for a short time but we’re already thinking about the future. More than 100 product managers and...

How do you create an experiment-driven culture?

Anuraag Verma

We all grow up hearing the age-old saying, practice makes perfect. It’s instilled in us from childhood, and as we grow older, we feel compelled...

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What are the best email newsletters for product managers?

Mike Fishbein

The rapidly evolving field of product management requires its practitioners to take continuing education seriously. We’ve written before about books, conferences, jargon, guides, and trends...

What are the best product management conferences and events?

Nis Frome

In the grand scheme of things, product management is a new field with relatively few dedicated conferences and events. But in the last couple years...

How can product managers overcome the fact that they’re not Steve Jobs?

Michael Bamberger

There’s no shortage of rationalizations for product teams that want to avoid implementing a robust strategy for generating user insight early and often. From regulatory...

What are the best rapid prototyping tools for product experiments?

Michelle Chu

Product teams that adopt and apply lean methodologies are often challenged to find the best way to prototype their product ideas. Understanding product market fit...

Why do product teams need to master rapid prototyping?

Nis Frome

With the rise of ‘lean’ methodologies and literature, product managers today understand that continuously generating user feedback throughout the product lifecycle can help mitigate the...

What are the best product management guides?

Mike Fishbein

The field of product management is constantly evolving, making it ever more difficult to stay ahead of the curve. There’s more than a few ‘Definitive...

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