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Why do products need a story?

Nis Frome

I’m often approached by young, aspiring entrepreneurs who ask some variation of the following:  I’m interested in starting a company in [Industry] that does [Laundry...

What are the most common pitfalls of user tests and product concept experiments?

Michael Bamberger

The merits of experimentation and testing have been proven in virtually all contexts of business. From manufacturing to marketing to hiring practices, there seems to...

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What are the keys to successful products in the new era of business?

Nis Frome

There’s one resoundingly simple reason for why most products ultimately fail: no one wants them. But those of us constantly advocating for user testing and...

How can product teams validate demand with prototypes?

Steven Cohn

Enterprise product managers know that continuous improvement is critical for modern digital products. Just look at the evolution of the iPhone home screen if you...

How do you hook your customers?

Nir Eyal

Type the name of almost any successful consumer web company into your search bar and add the word “addict” after it. Go ahead, I’ll wait....

What are the best practices for user onboarding?

Nis Frome

User onboarding is one of the hottest topics on UX right now, and for good reason. The critical period immediately after a user trials or...

What is the difference between MVPs and experiments and why does it matter?

Thor Ernstsson

We’ve talked about MVPs extensively in this blog, but an often overlooked point is that they are only one component of a much larger framework....

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