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What are the secrets to being (and finding) a successful product consultant?

Nis Frome

Organizations are expanding the scope of how they approach innovation, and product and user experience consultants have emerged as a powerful force in that initiative....

What are the best strategies for corporate innovation?

Mike Fishbein

Technology is rapidly changing the way companies in almost every industry think about business and product development. New technologies are enabling products and experiences that...

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How do you overcome internal politics to build great products in a large organization?

Alexa Szal

It’s a pressing question for many product managers within large organizations: how do you deftly navigate the thorny landscape of internal politics to get stuff...

What’s the state of data-driven decision making in product management?

Nis Frome

A recent study by Harvard Business Review analyzed the utilization of competitive intelligence and market insights within large corporations. They found that an astonishing 45%...

What are the major product management trends in 2016?

Mike Fishbein

We surveyed more than 150 product managers to source data and perspectives on the evolving field of product management. We collected insights that range from...

What are the keys to rapid prototyping in a corporate environment?

Liz Gross

Alpha’s own, Nis Frome, recently delivered a presentation to The Product Mentor group about the importance of mastering rapid prototyping for product managers within large organizations....

What is the future of product management?

Nis Frome

Product management has only been in the spotlight for a short time but we’re already thinking about the future. More than 100 product managers and...

How do you create an experiment-driven culture?

Anuraag Verma

We all grow up hearing the age-old saying, practice makes perfect. It’s instilled in us from childhood, and as we grow older, we feel compelled...

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