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Company culture

Hiring and retaining top talent in a high-performing environment Every founder and business leader quickly learns that a talented and high-performing workforce is the first...

Is your product management process creating more problems than it solves?

Mike Fishbein

Insights from interviews with product leaders from Intercom, Drift, InsightSquared, and Betterment

3 Reasons We’re Excited for the Innov8rs Innovation Conference

Shawna Lent

Thanks to advancements in technology, evolving consumer preferences, and the changing needs of a digital marketplace, companies must do the nearly impossible task of breaking...

As the consumer revolution reshapes industries, how can brands build for the future?

Any company that wants to survive the current consumer revolution had better strive for perfect product/market fit, because their competition definitely will. The whims of...

What does it take to reach a product leadership role?

Mike Fishbein

Over the past few years, there’s been plenty of insight (and conjecture) as to what sets product managers apart from product leaders. There’s a fascinating...

High Velocity Decision Making: How Can Teams Embrace This Concept?

Joe Bayley

Speed vs. quality. It’s the age-old data debate. And for global organizations and product teams trying to adapt to rapidly changing markets, the choice between...

Should You Buy Into Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Venture?

Last month, Facebook confirmed its rumored ambition to create a financial system based off a new cryptocurrency called Libra. What is Libra? According to Facebook,...

The Best Product Management Books You Should Be Reading

Mike Fishbein

Staying up-to-date on evolving technology and the latest consumer preferences is one of the most important elements of a product manager’s role. But on top...

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