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Verizon Makes a Super Apology but Consumers Block That Call

Tom Burg

Many brands use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to launch new campaigns and introduce new spokespeople. However, Verizon’s tack this year is damage control....

Serena’s a Super Bowl Star But Did Bumble Fumble?


Bumble’s choice of Serena Williams as the star of its new ad campaign may connect with Super Bowl viewers, but a new report from Alpha,...

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Introducing Alpha Betas: our new program enabling pioneers to build a better future


Alpha Betas, the first initiative to launch out of our experimentation team, is an exciting new program and community for entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Qualified...

Why Letting Innovators Innovate is the Key to Becoming Customer-Centric

Anuraag Verma

Companies that want to become truly consumer-centric may just need to get out of their own way and let their innovators innovate. While product management...

Experimentation over Internal Politics: The Product Managers’ Wish List for 2019


Alpha, the on-demand user insights platform, today announced the findings from its annual Product Management Insights Report, highlighting the powerful role product managers can play...

How do organizations innovate in the face of existential threats?

Matt Davis

Some of the most impressive innovations are driven by fears of existential threats. Desperation creates pressure and opportunity, and can serve as a breeding grounds...

How can you build for the future when your strategy is stuck in the past?

Tom Burg

Any company that wants to survive the current consumer revolution had better strive for perfect product/market fit — their competition definitely will. The whims of...

How do you use data-driven narratives to align stakeholders?

In large organizations, building a great product takes even more than an acute focus on customers, exhaustive research to pain points, and continuous experimentation. To...

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