Alpha appoints Rob Holland as new CEO

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Case Studies

Why Professional Services Must Embrace Change — and Product Management Best Practices

Chris Kluesener

It’s survival of the fittest for agencies and management consulting firms in 2019. While it’s no secret that services businesses have undergone a massive transformation...

Case study: How Alpha enables LendingTree to improve speed-to-insight and make smarter product decisions

Joe Bayley

The pioneer of digital lending marketplaces leverages Alpha’s on-demand consumer insights platform to scale experimentation and become a consumer-insight-driven organization.

Case study: How Alpha enabled a corporate-incubated startup to validate a product offering 3x faster

Nis Frome

Insurance startup, MRLN, validated a unique value proposition, customer obstacles, and a high-impact feature set by leveraging Alpha and not investing in development prematurely.

Case study: How Alpha enables Aetna to make smarter business decisions and innovate faster

Joe Bayley

The company revolutionizing the American healthcare industry uses Alpha to gain empathy for consumers and bring desperately-needed products to market.

What did we learn after running 2,000 experiments for Fortune 500 product teams?

The ‘Lean’ movement has taken the corporate world by storm, but there are still countless barriers for product teams that seek to adopt its experiment-driven...

How does Truveris validate new features and drive user engagement for its award-winning app OneRX?

Mayowa Fadina

Increasing drug prices are again at the forefront of national attention. Anxiety runs high for those that need to fill prescriptions that once seemed affordable...