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What are the best quotes about leadership from the podcast, This is Product Management?

by Benjamin Martinez in Leadership
March 10, 2017

Workshops, guides, and tools can get product teams excited about experimentation and lean methodologies, but unlocking the organization’s full potential requires C-suite involvement. To continuously drive innovation, product and business leaders must create incentives for learning and insight generation, and must invest in informed decision making. We interview many leaders on our podcast, This is Product Management, and compiled the best quotes about effective top-down initiatives:

“It is vital for people who are in product roles be able to look at what’s going on with the business, identify what that future state ought to be and create a pathway to get there. And the cadence is based on speed of market. We have to harness the data and resources of the organization to synchronize all the different gears of the organization so that they move in lock-step at the speed of the marketplace.” – Steven Haines, CEO at Sequent Learning Networks

“Where is the uncertainty… lean startup is particularly optimized for operating in this environment of uncertainty. If you know your market, if you know that you’ve got the right product, if you know what features to build, if you know how to market to a particular market segment, you don’t need to do “startup-y” stuff you need to execute on all of these things that you already know… Often when we work with these large organizations, their biggest challenge is how do they move faster inside their existing markets. The fact that the market is so volatile right now and there are changes, technological transformations and economic transformations that are going on in the world that means we’re facing uncertainty even in our known markets. So yes, large enterprises want to innovate… but they also really want to learn how to move fast, how to be agile, how to be more customer-focused even on their more incremental innovation side in order to compete better, in order to come up with insights about their customers that they can act on, in order to take market share and even to prevent startups and others from taking from their market share.” – Brant Cooper, NYT Best-selling author and Founder of Moves the Needle

“There is no autonomy without accountability. Autonomy without accountability is anarchy, that’s something totally different. All teams should be accountable and transparent in the metrics they’re driving for and the work that they’re doing. And by doing that, little by little, you gain the support of the other internal customers you have, such as senior management, customer support, success, sales, marketing, you get all of their buy in.” – David Cancel, CEO at Drift

“Most leaders that I work with, what they miss is the ability to recognize that they’re having an impact on other people… But from a cultural standpoint we have people put their head down, learn the content, learn the technical skills, and push through… and the idea of empathy and trust and compassion and understanding of ourselves is not really encouraged. You can have the best strategy in the world, if your people don’t understand what’s in it for them and if the leaders don’t understand what the impact on people is going to be, that amazing strategy is never going to come to life.” – Kelley Amadei, Founder of SparkShift

“Now that we have dozens of folks coming here everyday expecting to be productive and add value to the organization, you need very specific structure. The first thing to realize is that as you scale, you are going to start adding more systems and those systems are going to have to look different than the systems that came before it. You’re going to outgrow the systems you use. When you’re ten people, you’re going to use one system but then eventually you’re going to outgrow that system and that’s okay. Don’t feel like you need to stick one management system that worked in the past.” – Richard Banfield, CEO at Fresh Tilled Soil

Benjamin Martinez

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