Alpha’s fresh funding and on-demand insights platform is enabling every Fortune 500 to experiment like startups

by Thor Ernstsson
May 30, 2018

Virtually every company is trying to be customer-centric and experiment-driven in order to deliver valuable solutions to the market better and faster. But informing decisions about users, products, and new markets has long been a painstaking process, often done manually and at an incredibly slow pace. This has been especially crippling at the world’s largest enterprises, where the process can take months; much too slow in today’s real-time climate where nimbler companies like Amazon disrupt a different industry daily.

Today we’re announcing a $10m fundraise to help our current and future clients make data-driven decisions their competitive advantage. We’ll continue accelerating product experimentation from months to days. By extending our automation and machine learning capabilities, we’ll be the first company in the world to turn plain-English questions into actionable user insights in minutes.

Historically, executives have relied on expensive experts and 50-slide PowerPoint decks to inform key business decisions, with lackluster results. It’s little surprise then that technology upstarts that embrace iteration and agility have taken over an unprecedented percentage of the Fortune 500.

Alpha is built to equip any company with the tools to think and act at the speed of startups, so that they too can become disruptors in a changing landscape of digital transformation. We’ve re-engineered the methodologies and capabilities that make lean startups so nimble, and introduced them within an end-to-end platform to organizations of all sizes across all industries.

We launched our platform nearly four years ago to enable those closest to the problem to make informed decisions. We firmly believe that the competitive advantage of the future is democratized decision-making, and we’re thrilled that the market agrees: product teams from more than one-third of the Fortune 100 already use our platform every single day.

We’ll also be expanding our team considerably over the coming months. If you’re interested in helping us to define product management, check out our careers page.

Thor Ernstsson

Thor is the Founder and CEO of Alpha, the on-demand insights platform enabling teams to make data-driven decisions about users, products, and new markets.