Introducing: Prioritization, segmentation, and video transcriptions

by Yair Aviner
June 6, 2017

One of the greatest challenges facing product management is how significantly workflows differ from organization to organization. My team works hard to understand those differences and bridge the gap with a seamless experience for product managers to drive experimentation and decision-making. To that end, we’re really excited to announce features that enhance and accelerate common workflows, from prioritizing research to mining for insights.

Make experimentation a priority.

While there’s nothing we love more than product teams that have fully embraced the experimentation mantra, it’s important to prioritize and track of the status of research requests.

Our new prioritization feature provides clients with a snapshot of their account activity to see what tests are currently being run, aggregate metrics on their testing efforts, and, most importantly, a queue of their upcoming tests. The queue is ordered and reflects relative prioritization, and can be re-arranged via drag-and-drop by clicking the “Rearrange Upcoming” button in the right-side panel.

To access this feature, click “All Tests” in the left-side navigation, then click “Prioritize” below the search bar.

Gain deeper insights with audience breakdowns.

If a single chart contains a thousand insights, then what about a chart with the magical ability to instantly be segmented by demographic data? Our latest update to the test results page enables you to segment charts with the click of a button, and cycle through various demographic breakdowns like income, age, and employment.

To access this feature, navigate to the test details page and click on the Audience icon in the top right of the chart.

Analyze customer interviews at 10x speed with transcription.

There are few product management experiences that are more powerful than watching a user navigate your product. But when you’re moving fast in an agile environment, it can be time-consuming to watch countless videos. That’s why we have added transcription to every video – you can now quickly scan through what users said aloud as they navigated your product. Not only that, but you can also click on any individual task to see what other users did and said during it.

To access this feature, click on any video in your Test’s results, and scroll through answers by respondent.

Other improvements

In addition, we also improved the first-time user experience tutorial so that your coworkers can get up to speed faster. You’ll also notice that you can add in-progress tests to a report, and that CSV exports automatically include demographic information. We’re working on even more great features which I can’t wait to share soon!

Yair Aviner