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3 Reasons We’re Excited for the Innov8rs Innovation Conference

by Shawna Lent
July 25, 2019

Thanks to advancements in technology, evolving consumer preferences, and the changing needs of a digital marketplace, companies must do the nearly impossible task of breaking free from the status quo

Next week, more than 70 global experts and industry leaders will descend on New York City at Innov8rs to discuss the trending topics and essential best practices in corporate innovation today.

Here’s a few reasons why we’re so eager to attend the conference:

Learning by example from other innovative, customer-first companies.

Companies know they must take steps to transform if they want to survive in today’s fast-paced world. From the creation of innovation teams and incubators to data-driven digital programs and scaling experimentations, there is no shortage of innovation trends, strategies, and, of course, buzzwords.

Like many companies and thought leaders at Innov8rs, most of Alpha’s clients have invested in some way or another in innovation, and we’ve all seen dozens of models that work and don’t work.

Luckily, forward-thinking organizations in nearly every industry will be on hand to share their innovation ideas, expertise, and lessons learned. 

Alpha’s founder Thor Ernstsson will be sharing three key components that companies need to focus on consistently to make their disruption efforts truly impactful. He’ll explain the factor that separates innovation that sticks from innovation that stalls: The ability to gain insights directly from customers and quickly use those insights to make smarter, data-driven bets.

Insight into thought provoking topics like experimentation and agile approaches to market research. 

Nearly every organization you can think of — any industry, any size — is faced with the same challenge: How do you know what your customer wants?

At Alpha, we preach experimentation and testing and learning — and we practice what we preach. Which is why our work with AllianceBernstein is the perfect story to spotlight at Innov8rs. The global asset management firm also believes that embracing a test and learn culture is one answer to accelerating digital transformation. 

Koley Corte, Senior VP of Business Transformation at AllianceBernstein, will share everything her team learned as a result of implementing testing and learning in their approach, including why how a truly customer-centric POV can be uncovered using a combination of traditional and agile market research methodologies. 

Action that extends beyond the stage.

We’re looking forward to conversation and comparing notes with global innovation leaders.

If you’re heading to Innov8rs, be sure to meet us at Thor and Koley’s presentation and ask plenty of questions after the session. Or tell us what you learned by connecting with us on social or writing for us on Product Management Insider

Stay tuned for insights from Innov8rs and a recap of Alpha’s session right here on our blog. 

Shawna Lent

Head of Content at Alpha, the platform that enables management teams to make data-driven decisions about users, products, and new markets.