Alpha appoints Rob Holland as new CEO

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Alpha Appoints Rob Holland as New CEO

Tom Burg

Brings Proven Track Record Leading High-Growth Enterprise SaaS Companies   New York, NY – (January 15) – Alpha (, the leading market intelligence platform provider,...

Why Research Teams Should Drive Agile Transformations

Anuraag Verma

Name any business function, and there’s a near-guarantee it’s on a quest to be more agile. The promise often repeated is simple, if not obvious...

Why Professional Services Must Embrace Change — and Product Management Best Practices

Chris Kluesener

It’s survival of the fittest for agencies and management consulting firms in 2019. While it’s no secret that services businesses have undergone a massive transformation...

Why Service Designers Need to Transform Irreversible Decisions into Reversible Ones

Nis Frome

Speed vs. quality is a misguided tradeoff, according to one of the world’s most innovative companies. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has repeatedly...

As Expectations for ‘Insights on Demand’ Grow, What’s the Ripple Effect on Market Research?

Kate Hutchinson

We’ve all known this person (or maybe we are this person): Activity tracker firmly attached, obsessively monitoring sleep cycles, heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken,...

The Latest Iteration of Alpha

Tom Burg

Alpha turned five last week. In celebration, we announced to our customers what we got ourselves for our birthday: a new brand and a business...

The Proliferation of Pumpkin Spice: Has the Trend Gone Too Far?

Shawna Lent

It’s that time of the year again: We are firmly back in pumpkin spice’s grip. Back in August, before kids went back to school and...

Building the Future of Caregiving with Madhavi Vemireddy

Aaron Davis

Every week, we shine a spotlight on a founder, designer, researcher, or leader in product who is building something that will shape our future. We...

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