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The Alpha Betas program brings the world’s most powerful on-demand insights platform and thought leadership resources to the world’s most promising pioneers.

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Alpha is the fastest way to learn about your future customers.

You can’t spend all day talking to users – you’ve got investors to meet and a product to launch! Alpha Betas is the seamless way to generate feedback and stay ahead of the competition. The platform used by 40% of the Fortune 100 is now available to qualified entrepreneurs, authors, students, and academics.


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Go from plain-English question to actionable insights in under 48 hours with our on-demand insights platform.*


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Feature your initiative and insights in our podcast or our new blog focused on the future of work.

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“The speed of getting feedback through Alpha’s platform has been key for rapid decision-making at Zooterra."

Julio Corredor

Founder of Zooterra and former Corporate Strategy & Innovation leader at Pfizer. Learn how startups use Alpha Betas