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What is Alpha?

Alpha is a venture-backed and growth-stage company based in New York, NY whose on-demand insights platform empowers clients to rapidly validate growth opportunities.

Our clients use Alpha to accelerate experimentation, inform business decisions with customer wants and needs, deliver and scale agile research capabilities, and develop better products faster.

By integrating traditionally manual tasks like audience sourcing, concept designing, test scripting, and data reporting, the platform accelerates time-to-insight from months to hours.
In short, we’re the fastest way for organizations to learn more about their future customers.


What is the Design Network?

The Alpha Design Network consists of contracted designers from around the world who generate visual stimuli for user testing purposes.

Common examples of visual stimuli include:

  • Mobile prototypes
  • Desktop prototypes
  • Comparison images (A/B testing)

We aren’t an ad or design agency – we work fast and we experiment often to see what works and what doesn’t. By joining the Design Network and fulfilling Design Requests, you are helping us generate visual stimuli crucial to our client’s testing needs.


What will I be creating?

Our designers work remotely, 10-15 hours/week each on average. The work is extremely flexible: you can pick up a short assignment based on your availability, and complete it in a few hours at home. Assignments are also available at night and on weekends, so you can work full-time and pick up work on the side.

As part of the Design Network, you’ll learn about the pain points that matter to our clients, the problems they are trying to solve, and the metrics they want to measure. It’s a valuable opportunity to work on actual products, and learn more about the product iteration process.


General Requirements

  • English-speaking (being able to interpret complex requests and specific feedback is a must).
  • 2+ years of cumulative professional/freelance experience in any of the following fields: UX/UI Design, Product Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Research, Marketing, etc.
  • Strong understanding of standard design tools (Photoshop, Sketch, etc.).
  • Strong understanding of standard prototyping tools, especially InVision.
  • Knowledge of additional prototyping tools (, Axure, UXPin, etc.) a big plus.
  • Strong understanding of UX research and principles (rapid prototyping, high vs. low fidelity, usability, etc.)

Portfolio Requirements

  • Variety: Preference is given to portfolios featuring projects that unite many different design methodologies, rather than a focus on a select few.
  • Presentation: Portfolio should feature multiple views/stages of projects along with captions that explain the iteration process.
  • Quality: High level of attention to detail and consideration should be apparent. Portfolio should be free of spelling/grammatical errors.

Prototyping Challenge:

Applicants must complete and pass a prototyping challenge as a part of the application process.

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