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Become a Prototype Designer

Join the Alpha Design Network.

What is Alpha?
Alpha is a research platform that product and innovation teams use to generate rapid user insight throughout the product development cycle. We provide clients with the insights they need to build products that customers love, and our designers make that possible.

What is the Design Network?
We create digital product prototypes for user testing in e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and media. We employ strong visual designers who can quickly mock up product or app interface experiences that look and feel like credible products. This way, we can more accurately test and capture user reactions and responses.

The work is remote, 2-15 hours/week, depending on assignments available. We aren’t an ad agency or design agency—we work fast and we experiment often to see what works.

All designers must complete a prototyping challenge as part of their application process.


design bench


What will I be creating?
You will create visual test assets that illustrate different parts of the product experience. Our test prototypes are high fidelity with low to mid-levels of interactivity. Coding is not required.

Note: Design for the purpose of rapid user testing is different from traditional design. Read this article to learn more.


How will I benefit?
The work is extremely flexible: you can pick up a short assignment based on your availability, and complete the assignment in a few hours at home. 
Assignments are also available at night and on weekends, so you can work full-time and pick up assignments on the side.

As part of our Design Network, you’ll learn about the pain points that matter to our clients, the problems they are trying to solve, and the metrics they want to measure. It’s a valuable opportunity to work on actual products, as well as learn more about the product iteration process.

Designers that repeatedly deliver approved, test-ready prototypes will be referred to our startup network and Fortune 500 client base for additional freelance and full-time design work.


What skills do I need to have?

  • 3+ years of professional design experience
  • A background in UX, UI and interaction design
  • Strong typography skills and visual design skills
  • Strong skills in Sketch, Photoshop and InVision
  • Advanced skills (Axure, Photoshop timeline animation, illustration, packaging design) are a huge plus
  • Critical attention to file organization
  • Ability to work independently and execute design decisions based on limited information
  • Experience working with clients in the United States
  • Excellent written communication skills in English

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