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How do product teams leverage user feedback to get organizational buy in?

by Linda Escobar | February 22, 2017

As product teams run experiments on testable hypotheses, user feedback and behavior reveal which ideas are misguided and which are potentially lucrative. In a perfect... read more

What do users think of LinkedIn’s website redesign?

by Milos Peluffo | February 21, 2017

Did you notice something new about LinkedIn lately? If so, you probably got updated to the professional network’s completely redesigned version. The company is leveraging... read more

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What are the critical strategies and tactics that every product manager must know?

by Nis Frome | February 15, 2017

There has long been an ongoing struggle to quantify and define core product management practices. For a variety of reasons, the product management role differs,... read more

What does it take to rise from product manager to product leader?

by Mike Fishbein | February 1, 2017

Over the years, there’s been a lot of insight (and conjecture) as to what sets elite product managers apart from the pack. There’s a wonderful... read more

What are the best quotes about rallying stakeholders from the podcast, This is Product Management?

by Benjamin Martinez | January 13, 2017

In our annual report on the state of product management, we learned that product managers believe that they spend too much time handling a key... read more

What are the major product management trends heading into 2017?

by Nis Frome | January 1, 2017

We recently surveyed more than 150 US-based digital product managers for our 2017 Product Management Insights report. It’s our third annual report, which is essentially... read more

What are the best quotes about experimentation from the podcast, This is Product Management?

by Benjamin Martinez | November 21, 2016

For 18 months, This is Product Management has been a major resource for product teams across industries and company sizes. But at 75 episodes, it... read more

Who are the top influencers in product management in 2016?

by Benjamin Martinez | November 7, 2016

Product management is a relatively new discipline, and its practitioners continue to refine it every year. In 2016, we welcomed many new faces who contributed... read more

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