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Why do organizations win when they put users at the center of product development?

by Benjamin Martinez | July 1, 2016

Product teams strive to stay up to date with market trends and ensure they’re in tune with the customer for whom they’re building products. But... read more

What are the best strategies for recruiting effective product managers?

by Anuraag Verma | June 12, 2016

Building great product teams begins with hiring great product people. But who are product professionals and what exactly do they do? Sometimes even product pros... read more

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How does Truveris validate new features and drive user engagement for its award-winning app OneRX?

by Mayowa Fadina | May 27, 2016

Increasing drug prices are again at the forefront of national attention. Anxiety runs high for those that need to fill prescriptions that once seemed affordable... read more

How do product leaders transform their organizations?

by Nis Frome | May 21, 2016

Innovative organizations are transforming to be more customer-centric, value learning over winning, and to start with problems rather than products. Product leaders within these companies are the... read more

What are the secrets to being (and finding) a successful product consultant?

by Nis Frome | May 18, 2016

Organizations are expanding the scope of how they approach innovation, and product and user experience consultants have emerged as a powerful force in that initiative.... read more

Are you running objective experiments or validating predetermined decisions?

by Max Rosenbaum | May 17, 2016

I was rewatching the 1997 classic Contact the other day and a short interaction among a scientist, Ellie, her business-oriented sponsor, David, and a spiritual... read more

What are the best strategies for corporate innovation?

by Mike Fishbein | May 11, 2016

Technology is rapidly changing the way companies in almost every industry think about business and product development. New technologies are enabling products and experiences that... read more

How can product management be aligned with the rest of the business?

by Liz Gross | March 25, 2016

For many organizations, product management is still a supporting function, if even a function at all. But as the function becomes increasingly important, it’s time... read more

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