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Effortlessly test and learn what users want so that you’re investing in the right products, features, and experiences.

Alpha is the first end-to-end customer development platform.

Turn assumptions into answers within days. Get on-demand prototyping, audience sourcing, and experimentation in one integrated platform.


Start quickly by submitting nothing more than plain English questions.


Generate reliable feedback within days from target users.


Optimize and refine concepts with follow-up tests and prototypes.


Deliver powerful reports and presentations to key stakeholders.


We’d be lost without Alpha. It pushes us to think harder about what consumers really want and why. Watching consumers as they try out products is very powerful.

Julie MacKinnon, Director of Strategy at AARP


Enjoy an arsenal of user research capabilities at your fingertips.

Focus on the big picture and offload all the heavy lifting. Alpha’s platform and community of experts seamlessly source your target audience, create interactive prototypes, craft intelligent research, and deliver qualitative and quantitative insights.


Discover insights about experiences, customers, and markets.

Gain a better understanding of your customers and competitors to identify gaps in the market. Iterate on numerous ideas simultaneously to prioritize high-potential ones. Increase user perception and engagement across your product and experience.


Leverage a proven methodology to accelerate productivity.

The world moves too quickly for you to rely on outdated industry reports. Our product specialists have spent their careers refining our agile research processes to balance rigor and speed in order to get you specific data when you need it.


Align stakeholders and teams throughout the organization.

Cut through the bureaucracy and politics that stifle progress. There’s no better way to end exhausting meetings than by accessing and illustrating definitive data points.

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